Monday, September 28, 2009

smug tram bug.

I leave for Vietnam in about a week. To be honest, I've been a bit blase about the whole thing. I knew it was coming up but hadn't put too much thought into it. Yesterday, I started packing and writing some lists and I got a little excited.

This morning whilst standing at the tram stop in the miserable cold and rain I checked the weather in Hanoi... It's currently a sunny 27 degrees and suddenly it hit me. I got so excited that my heart skipped a beat.

The whole tram trip I had a smug grin on my face, knowing that I am only 7 days away from t-shirt weather.



Vicki said...

I miss t-shirt weather so much, it feels like it is still going to be months before I have sun on my arms. Vietnam is amazing too,

Helmets said...

look at you, newspaper star!

travel safe...